9v9 12yrs Football FAQs

To assist the games changes to the SSA 12 Years and Under Football here are some answers that have clarified some recent FAQs about our transition to the 9 v 9 game:

  1. Our competition is played in accordance to FIFA rules with the amendments for the modified game which are now part of our SSA Rules and Guidelines.
  2. The Championships will continue with medal placings and point scoring.
  3. The size the goalposts are also modified and are 5 metres in width and 2 metres in height.
  4. The orientation of the pitch is from “goalmouth to goalmouth” on a full sized adult pitch. The championships will not be played from “sideline to sideline”.
  5. When the goalkeeper is in control of the ball and is then released, the ball is in play when it moves out of the goalmouth/penalty box area.
  6. Cautions and send offs will continue to apply. Two “yellow cards” will lead to a “red card”. Teams will be able to replace a player who has been sent off. The judiciary will continue to handle decisions around a player who is sent off.
  7. The offside rule, as per FIFA rules will apply. This also allows for players to understand the offside rule in the transition to full pitch football when moving to either U/13 or U/14s. There will be a new marking for the offside position as will not be located at the halfway line.
  8. Match duration times will remain the same with interchange for players. Teams will be scheduled with the same amount of games as in previous years
  9. The establishment of the draw remains consistent with the Football Rules and Guidelines and is based on the number of teams attending
  10. Pitch markings will be in a different colour to any existing markings that may be visible

Ron Pratt

National Sport Advisor – Football

School Sport Australia