Service Awards – Football (Soccer)

NameState / TerritoryAge GroupYear
Tony OliveraACT12 Years and Under2022
Ian DickieSA12 Years and Under2019
Carl KlaassenQLDBoys 16 Year and Girls 18 Years & Under2019
Paul PlankenWA12 Years and Under2019
Dean StafraceVIC12 Years and Under2017
Narelle KrugerNT12 Years and Under2017
Marian Lesnicki SA12 Years and Under2016
Mary Fabis SA12 Years and Under2016
Tony Carvajal WA12 Years and Under2016
Andrew Higgins VIC12 Years and Under2013
Craig HarrisNSW12 Years and Under2013
Leesa LangleyVIC19 Years and Under2012
Chris KaramerosVIC19 Years and Under2012
Cameron HeathVIC12 Years and Under2012
John MarciniakSA12 Years and Under2009
Tony RapalloQLD19 Years and Under2009
Brendon FotheringhamNSW19 Years and Under2008
Brian StopfordQLD19 Years and Under2006
Elias SimopoulosVIC2006
Steven HayesACT2006
Greg BestNSW2005
Wayne BasedenWA19 Years and Under2005
Greg VossNSW2004
John EvansSA19 Years and Under2004
Trevor WarrenSA19 Years and Under2004
Richard BeazleyACT2003
Chris Conti ACT2003
John BarlowSA12 Years and Under2003
Jim GleesonVIC2003
David BrabhamNT19 Years and Under2001