Service Awards – Touch Football

NameState / TerritoryAge GroupYear
Gloria CraigieNT12 Years and Under2023
Lucas HaydenNT12 Years and Under2023
Debbie Quan (Honour Award)WA12 & 15 Years and Under2023
Sandra Hughes (Honour Award)ACT12 & 15 Years and Under2023
Keith GrahamQLD2022
Glenn GregoryNSW15 Years and Under 2022
Hamish McLeanVIC15 Years and Under2018
Tanya HazelNT2015
Justyn McConachyVIC15 Years and Under2014
Greg FrostSA12 Years and Under2014
Chris JonesSA15 Years and Under2013
Sandra HughesACT12 Years and Under2013
Kelly WettonWA15 Years and Under2012
Matthew SchinkelSA15 Years and Under2011
Debbie QuanWA15 Years and Under2011
Kim BondNT15 Years and Under2010
Mark HilderbrandtNSW2009
Phil JonesSA15 Years and Under2008
Gabe HodgesACT12 Years and Under2008
Steve TomlinTAS15 Years and Under2006
Garry ClarkeNSW2005
Ashley TruemanSA15 Years and Under2005
Maree TomlinTAS12 Years and Under2005
Kendall StirratNT2001
Greg MaynardWA15 Years and Under2001
Kerry NormanQLD2001