About School Sport Australia

Since its establishment in 1981, School Sport Australia has been responsible for the development and promotion of school sport in Australia.

This has been achieved through the work of its State Member bodies which have accepted the responsibility of implementing School Sport Australia programs, assisting in policy development and providing, through their individual state networks, the maximum number of opportunities for students to participate in the broadest possible range of sporting activities.

During this time, the focal point of School Sport Australia activities has been the interstate competitions offered at both Primary and Secondary levels. These are the culmination of state based programs and offer the gifted and talented students the opportunity to participate in higher levels of sporting competition. These events are an integral part of the School Sport Australia program, not only for their sporting benefits, but also for the immense educational, cultural and social benefits they provide for the participants.

Our Vision

Provide the best school based national sporting competitions.

Our Purpose

Provide a strong and connected representative school sport system that is Educative, Inclusive, Collaborative, Dynamic and Sustainable.

Our Values

Honesty, Integrity and Transparency.