School Sport Australia (SSA) is an incorporated association registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. SSA operates under a federated model with its member bodies being the State and Territory Education Departments responsible for primary and secondary school sport within each jurisdiction. It should be noted that SSA is not a unit within a Federal Government Department.

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SSA Governance Model

The SSA governance model is the operating structure that SSA functions under to manage, implement and sustain the governance framework for SSA championships.

SSA Constitution

The operations of School Sport Australia are governed by its Constitution together with a framework of accepted state and national policies, structures and guidelines for the development and conduct of sport in schools.

SSA Board

The SSA Board is made up of a representative of each of our school sport units around Australia and governance of SSA is undertaken by the board.

NRSSAC (National Representatives School Sport Advisory Committee)

The National Representative School Sport Committee (NRSSAC) is kept informed by School Sport Australia of developments in school sport and making recommendations to the NRSSAC regarding policy and new initiatives.

SSA Strategic Plan (2024 – 2027)