Triathlon and Aquathlon

12 to 15 March 2024

Age Groups
Triathlon - 13 - 19 Years
Aquathlon - 11 - 12 Years
Aquathlon - Multi Class 11-19 years
Triathlon - Multi Class 13-19 years

Participating States and Territories
Triathlon - NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA, 
Aquathlon - QLD, VIC, TAS (TBA), WA
Multi Class Aquathlon - as above
Multi Class Triathlon - as above

School Sort Western Australia

Rockingham – Bell Park Foreshore
Rockingham Beach Road, Rockingham, 6168

Age Dispensation
There is currently no age dispensation provided in the SSA Triathlon Championships.

For all Triathlon National Championships enquiries please contact National Triathlon Advisor:

Ms Meredith Prime:
Phone: 0407 742 299

Rules and Guidelines

To view the School Sport Australia 13-19 years Triathlon, 11-12 years Aquathlon and 13-19 years Multi-Class Triathlon Championship rules click here (updated May 2024).

To view the School Sport Australia 11-19 years Aquathlon Multiclass Classifications and Event Categories click here (updated September 2023)

To view the School Sport Australia Policies click here.

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