Preparation is continuing for all Championships subject to advice from State and Territory Departments of Health and dependent on the re-opening of State and Territory borders. Please note, the ability for students to attend the 2022 SSA Championships will be subject to the approval of their State or Territory Education Department

22 to 26 August 2022

Age Groups
15 Years and Under

Participating States and Territories
Boys -  ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA
Girls -  ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA

School Sport Queensland

Caloundra Indoor Stadium
North St, Golden Beach QLD 4551

Educational Excursion
To be confirmed

Live Streaming
To be confirmed

Merchandise will only be available for purchase from the online store.

To be confirmed

Age dispensation
Age Dispensation has been granted to one or more States or Territories for these Championships as allowed through the SSA Sport Participation Policy.

For all Volleyball Championships enquiries please contact the School Sport Australia National Volleyball Advisor:

Ms Kimberley Oates
Phone: 02 4648 0111
E-Mail: kimberley.oates@det.nsw.edu.au

Rules and Guidelines

To view the Boys and Girls 15 Years and Under Volleyball Championships rules click here (updated July 2021).

To view the School Sport Australia Policies click here.

School Sport Australia 15 Years and Under Championship

Previous championship results

Adelaide: 17 - 23 August 2019

Bendigo VIC: 18 - 24 August 2018

Mandurah WA: 20 - 26 August 2017

Sydney NSW: 21 - 27 August 2016 

Canberra ACT: 23 - 28 August 2015

Adelaide SA: 23 - 29 August 2014

Brisbane QLD: 17 - 23 August 2013

Bendigo VIC: 25 - 31 August 2012

Perth WA: 13 - 19 August 2011

Canberra ACT: 14 - 20 August 2010

Campbelltown: 15 - 21 August 2009

Adelaide: 24 - 29 August 2008

Sunshine Coast 25 - 31 August 2007

Melbourne: 27 August - 1 September 2006

The Beginning of the Tradition – Schools Volleyball

Representative schools volleyball made a humble beginning during the year of 1973. In that year an open aged, interstate exchange, between Queensland and New South Wales girls teams was conducted. The boys teams, were not as fortunate, as they had to wait until 1974 before the Departments of Education from each State granted approval for their exchange. However, New South Wales were unable to field a team in that year, so Queensland toured and competed against Sydney High Schools. Through the years of 1975 to include 1977, an annual interstate exchange occurred between these two States, and so, the beginning of the TRADITION. This competition proved to be the necessary catalyst to inspire other States and Territories into action. In 1978 the inaugural Secondary Schools National Volleyball Championships were conducted. The open age group (19 years and under) was the preferred age group for these Championships. This format continued until 1988 when the schools volleyball program was considered to be duplicating the Australian Volleyball Federation run programs. The rationalisation process recommended that the schools program be offered at the Under 16 years age group. To this day the Australian Secondary Schools Volleyball Championships are conducted at this age group. Volleyball has touched every State and Territory in Australia. Northern Territory being the latest to be struck by the tradition. The boys ochre uniforms made their debut at the 1989 National Championships in Brisbane. The girls had to wait until 1991 for their debut. Their inclusion, along with the New South Wales teams made 1991 a memorable year in the development of Schools Volleyball. At this stage there has never been a fully represented National Championships. Tasmania who competed from 1988 till 1990 are unable to participate due to internal financial cut backs to their Education Department’s, School Sport programs. With Tasmania returning to the National Junior championships in some age groups in the last two years, we have hopes that they will be returning to the ASSC championships before too long so that we will finally have a full complement of states and territories.