Applying for an International Tour

Approval for an International Tour will be considered when an application is submitted in writing by the National Secretary of that sport to the International Programs Subcommittee at least 12 months prior to the anticipated departure date. The application is also required to include an International Tour Risk Assessment.

For a International tour to receive approval the following criteria will apply:

  1. The application must have sufficient detail in all areas required on the application form.
  2. The outcomes both specific and educational must be achievable and measurable.
  3. The requested number of officials must be cognisant of the student/adult ratio as well as the cost of the accompanying adults on the budget.
  4. The request/not request for a medical person/sports trainer appointment must match the need of the tour destination i.e. medical available or not and held qualifications.
  5. The games listed must be against state level or equivalent level of competition.
  6. The length of the tour should manage a balance of games against opposition, ceremonies, some touring and travel to and from the venue. This should not exceed 10 school days.
  7. The proposed tour costs must be achievable for all.
  8. The destination must match the DFAT rating of 1 or 2.
  9. Written confirmation of support of the tour from the NSO.

Part A: Intention to Tour 12 Months Prior to Tour

Part A1: SSA International Tour Risk Assessment