2016 School Sport Australia International Hockey Tour – South Africa

posted on 19 July, 2016

The School Sport Australia All-Australian Hockey Boys and Girls team have just arrived home after a successful international tour in South Africa.

Both teams played three test matches against South Africa in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, as well as trained at the Hartleyvale Hockey Stadium in Cape Town and St Alban’s College in Pretoria.

All-Australian Boys Hockey Team

Jeremy Blakley, NSW
Josh Dowrick, NSW
Fred Gray, SA
Samuel Gray, NSW
Matthew Hurrell, QLD
Samuel Mudford, NSW
Ryan Nangle, VIC
Matthew Neeson, ACT
Jack Pickering, NSW
Daine Richards, NSW
Matthew Smallwood, QLD
Rory Walker, NSW
Zac Walker, NSW
Lachlan Walter, VIC
Simon Wells, SA
Issac Whittaker, SA
Sam Young, NSW

All- Australia Girls Hockey Team

Phillipa Bairstow, WA
Rhiannon Baxter, QLD
Lauren Berndt, QLD
Emma Bills, QLD
Julia Bradley, NSW
Phillida Bridley, TAS
Angela Chilwell, WA
Lily Collier, QLD
Isabelle Cowell, NSW
Litiana Field, NSW
Talei Forrest, ACT
Isabel Goldsmith, TAS
Rebecca Greiner, QLD
Rachel Guy, VIC
Sophie Johnston, WA
Amy Lawton, VIC
Montana Marsh, NSW
Morgan Mathison, QLD
Ashlyn McBurnie, QLD
Zoe Newman, NSW
Renee Rockliff, WA
Courtney Schonell, NSW
Annabelle Scutt, TAS
Kirra Smith, QLD
Isabelle Suleski, WA
For all results, please see below.


Girls TEST Matches:

Test 1:   Australia 2 (Courtney Schonell 2) defeated South Africa 0

Test 2:   Australia 3 (Courtney Schonell, Angela Chilwell, Phillida Bridley) defeated South Africa 1

Boys TEST Matches:

Test 1:   South Africa 3 defeated Australia 1 (Ryan Nangle)

Test 2:   South Africa 6 defeated Australia 2 (Matthew Smallwood, Matthew Hurrell)

Girls TRIAL matches:

Trial 1: Australia 6 defeated Western Cape (Under 18) 0

Trial 2: Australia 4 defeated Western Cape (Under 18) 1

Trial 3: Australia 4 defeated Natal Invitational Side 1

Boys TRIAL matches:

Trial 1: Australia 3 defeated Western Cape (Under 18) 2

Trial 2: Australia 0 drew with Western Cape (Under 18) 0

Trial 3: Australia 2 defeated Natal Invitational Side 1