School Sport Australia alumni leading the way at Paralympics

posted on 13 September, 2016

With the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games well underway, it is with great pride and excitement that we cheer on the athletes who came through the school sport pathway.

School Sport Australia Executive Officer Brad Allen said it was inspiring to see so many of School Sport Australia’s alumni competing at the Rio Paralympics.

“We are extremely proud of the opportunities that School Sport Australia offered them during their primary and secondary school years,” he said.

“We hope it inspires our current students to realise that School Sport Australia programs can be a stepping stone to national and international recognition.”

“We wish all of our alumni the best of luck in Rio and they can be sure we will be cheering for them back in Australia,” he said.

SWIMMER: Tiffany Thomas-Kane represented Queensland School Sport at the 2013 SSA Swimming Championships.

Join School Sport Australia in congratulating the following Paralympians who came through the school sport pathway. Click on their names to read their athlete bios.


Richard Colman (Team Vic PSG and Team Official)

Jaryd Clifford (Team VIC XC)

Jodi Elkington-Jones (Team Vic Swimming, PSG T&F)

Nicholas Hum (Team VIC XC)

Jemima Moore (Team VIC Team Official)

Rheed McCracken (QLD T&F)

Tamsyn Colley (NSW T&F)



Jannik Blair (Team VIC PSG Wheelchair Basketball)



Ellie Cole (Team VIC Swimming and PSG)

Emily Beecroft (Team VIC Swimming)

Matt Haanappel (Team VIC Swimming and PSG)

Tim Disken (Team VIC Swimming)

Jenna Jones (NSW T&F and Swimming)

Tiffany Thomas-Kane (QLD)

Jesse Aungles (SA)

Liam Bekric (SA)

Ashleigh McConnell (VIC)



Dylan Alcott (Team Vic PSG Wheelchair Basketball)


If we have missed any athletes that you are aware of, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at