SSA 12 Years and Under Tennis Championship – Alicia Molik

posted on 16 October, 2019

The 2019 School Sport Australia (SSA) 12 Years and Under Tennis Championship is currently underway in Perth, WA at Alexander Park Tennis Club with teams representing their states and territories from around Australia. The Championship consists of a team’s event which is known as the Bruce Cup and a singles event which is a Gold and Bronze Tennis Australia event.

There is a long and proud tradition with many of Australia’s finest players beginning their international careers at this event, one of whom is Alicia Molik. Alicia was kind enough to spare some time out of her busy schedule on 15 October to meet and talk to students participating at the Championship.

The students from each of the states and territories showed tremendous support by presenting Alicia with message boards containing handwritten messages for the Australian Federation Cup Team. The boards will be placed in the team’s locker room for the final of the Federation Cup being held in Perth. SSA appreciates Alicia’s participation at the Championship.

SSA works closely with Tennis Australia (TA) and are grateful to them for organising Alicia’s attendance at this year’s Championship.