School Sport Australia acknowledges the release of the Australian Physical Literacy Framework

posted on 4 March, 2020

At its last meeting the Board of School Sport Australia acknowledged the release of the Australian Physical Literacy Framework by Sport Australia.

School Sport Australia President Graeme Jennings stated:

“School Sport Australia welcomes the release of and acknowledges the Australian Physical Literacy Framework. It is an extremely valuable tool that aligns neatly with School Sport Australia’s aim to derive educational outcomes by coordinating and conducting a broad range of school sporting programs for all students commensurate with their age and ability in an educational environment. Our programs, delivered by teachers, provide children the opportunity to enjoy active lifestyles, learn healthy life long habits and derive social and cultural benefits through the wonderful medium of school sport. Whilst acknowledging that School Sport Australia’s programs are aimed at Australian school students aged 10 to 19 years, there is a very close parallel with the physical, psychological, social and cognitive health and well-being benefits relevant to all Australians provided by the physical literacy framework.”