JL Williams Medal

The medal is awarded to the player judged to be the best and fairest footballer of the Championship.

The JL Williams Medal perpetuates the name of one of the originators of the Championship, Jack Williams, and was first awarded in Adelaide, 1931. Jack was a Victorian teacher who fought very hard for the establishment of the Championships and for their recognition by the Victorian Football League (VFL) when the sport was established in schools. Points are awarded to the selected players in each match, on the basis of 3 for the first choice, 2 for the second and 1 for the third. The votes are sealed and handed to the National Secretary and opened at the conclusion of the Championship.

In the event of a tie, each player will receive a medal. * Denotes a Tie ** A McLean Medal.

2023Harvie Cooke VIC White
2022Harrison BridgeQLD
2019Jed HaganWA
2018Jed HaganWA
2017Will PhillipsVIC
2016Cameron TahenySA
2015T ThomasTAS
2014L Davies-UniackeVIC
2013C De CampoWA
L MinerviniSA
2012N O'KearneyVIC Metro
2011E Wasley-BlackNT
2010J MartinWA
2009T ThorsenVIC Country
2008J BurnhamWA
2007B JacobsVIC Metro
2006A HooperVIC Country
2005F SleethNSW
2004P MillsACT
2003J SelwoodVIC Country
2002R JacksonVIC Metro
2001R TamblingNT
2000C IlettNT
1999A SchneiderNSW
1998J TurnerNSW
1997DIV 1 D HeadlandWA
DIV 2 S Angeles **NT
DIV 2 B Rawlings **TAS
1996DIV 1 M Saunders WA
DIV 2 A Staehr **VIC Country
1995L PicioaneVIC
1994J BowdenNT
1993L BarryNSW
1992S CusackNT
1991D MacPhersonNSW
1990C ElliotQLD
1989B DoolanNSW
1988T BenyonQLD
1987W RioliNT
1986C WalkerTAS
1985S SmithACT
1984G CrosiscaQLD
1983G ParkerVIC
1982P CusickTAS
1981T SpencerQLD
1980S MacPhersonTAS
1979J KarabidianVIC
1978M HeenanNT
1977M WeidemannSA
1976W SlatterySA
1975C Webb *TAS
W Harmes *VIC
1974W MorrisNSW
1973R StewartWA
1972R Shepherd QLD
1971G LintonTAS
1970C Morse *TAS
M Botica *WA
1969R LambVIC
1968P CookWA
1967P MorrisonTAS
1966R ArbonWA
1965P StewartVIC
1964D Peardon *TAS
M Ford *WA
1963G LakesNSW
1962K OsborneVIC
1961R JavaviciusQLD
1960J PerkinsSA
1959G RamshawWA
1958T Gould *QLD
W Gregory *SA
1957D BarrattNSW
1956N SweetTAS
1955L AndersonNSW
1954D ChuggTAS
1952W PowerVIC
1951F LeeVIC
1950B Shepherd *WA
W Temple *TAS
1949A Webb TAS
1948L CoxTAS
1947A TaeeTAS
1939J PaulNSW
1938L McCankieVIC
1936A Wilkinson *WA
D Bachli *ACT
1935S Crowe *VIC
W Hudson *SA
1934J JacksonQLD
1933G NussQLD
1932G NussQLD
1931S LeCornueSA