15 Years and Under Hockey Player Of The Series Award

2023Joel Hubbard (QLD)Aurora Kovacevich (QLD)
2022Matt Hawthorne (QLD)Camryn Mathison (QLD)
2019Liam Henderson (VIC)Claire Colwill (QLD)
2018Craig Marais (VIC)Claire Colwill (QLD)
2017Joshua Brooks (TAS)Amy Lawton (VIC)
2016Thomas Harvie (WA)Morgan Mathison (QLD)
2015Nathan Ephraums (VIC)Rebecca Greiner (QLD)
2014Coby Green (WA)Ambrosia Malone (QLD)
2013Danny Fletcher (QLD)Andrea Gillard (NSW)
2012Tim Howard (QLD)Leah Welstead (SA)
2011Samuel Liles (NSW)Mariah Williams (NSW) and Emily Grist (SA)
2010Matthew Dawson (NSW)Jasmine Larosa (QLD)
2009Dylan Wotherspoon (NSW)Jordyn Holzberger (QLD)
2008Blake Wallis (QLD)
2007Andrew Palmer (NSW)Elouise Buckley (WA)
2006Nathan McGuire (WA)Jade Warrender (NSW)
2005Matthew Swann (QLD)Emily Hurtz (NSW)
2004Kieran Govers (NSW)
2003Tom Edwards (WA)
2002Terry Jackson (QLD)
2001Dean Pover (WA)Madonna Blyth (QLD)
2000Mark Knowles (QLD)
1999 Nathan Ireland (QLD)
1998Troy Sutherland (NSW)Patrice Donnelly (QLD)
1997Andrew Monte (NSW)Katrina Paterson (QLD)
1996Grant Schubert (SA)
1995Terry Creek (WA)
1994Troy March (QLD)
1993Ben Moss (NSW)
1992Nick Pulman (SA) and Robert Lacey (ACT)
1991Dan Miles (VIC)